June 28, 2005

One Sick Child, One Tired Momma

Tater has come down with a cold. The kind that he needs to sit up to sleep. Can you say "No Way"? Yep, thought you could. I ended up sitting on the couch off and on waiting for the medicine to work. Oh say an hour or so I would be sitting on the couch and this would happen every 4 hours. 10 to 11am on the couch. 1 to 2am on the couch. 4:30am to 5:30am on the couch. Somewhere in there Tot woke up and didn't want Daddy. He was yelling "Momma Mommmmmaaaaa". Sigh.

My darling husband came out at 5:30am and let me go back to bed. Then Tot woke up at 6am. Sigh. I went back to bed for about an hour. That was about all the kids would let me have. Hence this post is so late. I have some cute pictures that I took and my Hubby took and they will be out here soon. Along with the stories. Just not this morning.

Aside note. One of the reasons I have been posting light, is I'm getting ready to move. Yep. I am working on my mu.nu site and was hoping to have it ready for this week. But with the packing of stuff in the house, and all the other stuff going on... it didn't happen. Maybe this week. Just maybe!

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