June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

I had no idea how hard it would be to have a Father's day without my dad around. No phone calls to harass him, no funny cards to be sent. Not hearing him tell Tater to "March two three four, march two three four". Not even being able to tell him the crazy stories about my kids. He enjoyed them so much when he was alive.

I have some pictures I want to share. And for those that see these pictures and realize you know him... please send me an email at onehappydog (at) excite.com and let me know.

Update: Click any picture to enlarge the picture.

My dad use to love and try to grow plants. Here he is standing next to one of his plants.

= = = = = = = =

This is when he was younger and in uniform.

= = = = = = = =

This was just a couple of years ago when he went to a USAF reunion.

= = = = = = = =

And my favorite! Here I am with my Dad. I was running away from Mom and asking Dad to save me. Funny... but I see that with my kids today and it makes this even more special. I believe she was trying to put a dress on me. GRIN.

= = = = = = = =

I miss you Dad. I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.

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