June 16, 2005

You Know It's Bad

When you go to the Chiropractor for lower back problems and the only thing that cracks is your neck.

When you get a JMS (Just My Size) catalog in the mail. This is a catalog starting at size 14x and getting bigger. Think they are trying to tell me something?

When you open your power bill and it says 'This is your final notice before they turn off the power'. Seems they never got last month's payment. And they only send 'one notice - the final notice'. You check with the bank... the check was never cashed. Sigh.

When you go on-line and reserve books at the library. Go to the library the next day and there are no reservations for you.

When you don't mind watching the 'Big Machines 1' video for the 100th time. As long as the kids are not hollaring, fighting or hanging on your leg. (I seem to remember 'before' the second child I would NEVER let Tater watch more than 1 hour TV a day - Bawaa haa haa haa - not true any more).

How was your week? Yes, I realize it's only Thursday morning.

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