June 12, 2005


Now if Bou only loses 1 pound... I have a chance. If I continue to drink water (ugh) and exercise and eat better... I might be able to lose another 2 pounds this week. Which... if Bou loses only 1 pound this week, she will be down 6 pounds and I am down 4. If she loses 1 pound next week, she will be down 7 and if I lose 2, I will be down 6. It's a challenge, but I think I can do it.

I will catch her. I did drink 3 bottles of water EVERY DAY this week. I hated it but I did it. I also ran 1 mile every day. I also have the advantage of more weight to lose... so it is easier for me than her.

AND... I have started a list of excuses if I lose to her. I'll let you vote on which one is best - if I lose. No matter if I win or lose to Bou, I have lost weight, gotten into better shape, eating better and feeling better. I guess I win either way.

Now where did Bou say she found those Dark M&Ms? GRIN

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