June 03, 2005

Wellness Exam and little boys

For those out there that don’t know what a ‘Wellness Exam’ is, it is when a woman goes to the GYN for her yearly checkup. It’s not fun but it is quick. This year, I could not find someone to keep the kids for me and that means they came along for the ‘doctor visit’.

The part I will tell you about is my conversation with Tater while we were there. I never realized what kind of conversations I would be having with my son at so young an age.

He waits to ask questions until I’m sitting on the table with a little piece of paper covering me… and out he blurts “Is he going to check your pe-nis?”. I respond with “No son, girls don’t have a pe-nis, we have a va-gina and yes he is going to check it.”. “Is he going to check your butt?” “No, he is not going to check my butt and what is that magazine over there? Does it have a car on it?”

Ohhhh… it has been a long week and I am really going to have to find a sitter for next year. I refuse to have both of them questioning me.

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