June 01, 2005

Links of Interest

Some of these are a little 'old'. But well worth the read.

How about blogging netiquette?

Ballindalloch Chicken: Tasty but dangerous

What can you NOT LIVE without?

Need to have some fun? Check out this comment party.

Lions and Midgets... oh, my!

How normal are you?

How about which Star Wars Character? (click on the picture to take the test)

Talking about Star Wars, how about THIS ARTICLE?

What color is your lightsaber?

Is the force with you?

Want to start a 'fake site'? You might want to read THIS FIRST.

I just couldn't resist showing you this picture of "Momma's White Trash House"

Amn't I? Gotta love those children.

The right way to celebrate a Renaissance festival.

What's your favorite souvenir?

What's your personality type?

A passel of quizlings.

You always have to have a Llama picture.

If you like soccer, you gotta love THESE PICTURES.

Math Humor.

What is Your World View?

GreenZap, the alternative to PayPal

I couldn't resist adding a link to THIS ARTICLE on an octopus and a female.

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