April 30, 2005

From Jeff at Oh Dark Thirty

From those who have no clue what the title means... I have agreed to post letters that come to me from Jeff while he is at Bootcamp. He has a blog called Oh Dark Thirty (and there is a HUGE comment party going on over there). I was going to post them on his site, but can't find the username and password he gave me. (something about lack of sleep stops me from being able to find things). So I'm posting it here this time.

From Jeff:

Tell Harv & TNT the back room is theirs; the key is behind the beer in the lower left mini-fridge in the living room.

Lemme tell you what’s up. We’re currently stuck in limbo in the “reception battalion” doing processing. You know, getting medical stuff done, uniforms issued and paperwork done. I’ve had my head shaved and been given my birth control goggles. I’ve sat still in the same room for 8 hours awaiting my security clearance paperwork (I had to get a waiver for something). The first few days, in fact, we didn’t even see sunlight, wandering around the processing unit as we were. It’s pretty disorienting.

Processing sucks. Some of us are of the opinion that sitting around on our asses is worse than basic will be. I don’t know… Rumors abound. It’s a funny dynamic. Best thing so far? Sining cadence. Worst thing? Today drill 8am. Gilmore smoked us (well sorta). We have these study manuals we’re suppose to read, but everyone was talking so he came in pissed off and yelled, “You like making noise and doing all kinds of whoopty-sh.t?” Then we had to hold the book straight over our heads with elbows locked for 15 minutes yelling, “ woo woo woo, yeah yeah yeah.” It sucked.

Anyway, hope things in the blogsphere are going well… no address to write me yet, but I should ship downrange Thursday, so look for another letter in a week or so. Keep the party jumping… let me put on my Ohio Players compilation… hasta la vista. Jeff “Yes, Grilled Sausage!” (Drill Sergeant).

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