April 26, 2005


It’s happening already. Tater is getting attention from girls. First it started with me hearing from a little girl in his class, AE, that she was Tater’s girlfriend. Brazen hussy. Just walked up to me and announced this to me.

I asked Tater last week on our way to school if he had a girlfriend and he said yes. Huh? Ok, what’s her name? A. You mean AE? Nope, A. Hmmm. And out of the blue, Tater announces that he is going to hug A in school. Really? “Yep, she kissed me last time, so I’m going to hug her”, says Tater. Oh my.

It gets better. Hubby is talking to Tater this weekend and asks about school. Tater then tells him this story: A and Tater are playing on the playground in the ‘house’. A tells Tater to take a nap. He didn’t want to, so A pushes him down and tells him to Lay Down.

Now all sorts of things come to mind when you hear a story like this… but all I can think is that the girls are certainly aggressive when they want something at this age. ;-)

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