April 24, 2005

Karnival of Kidz

Or how about Karnival of Munckins Brats Monsters Children Offspring brood bambinos small-fry seed spawn young'uns Kidz? There are Carnival of Cats, Dogs, Recipes and so much more. So let's have a little fun and put out pictures and stories of kids! Your kids, yourself as a kid, or your spouse as a kid! I would prefer the pictures to be a kid (or kids) under the age of 5 and posted at your own site. But it's yourself or your children, so feel free to put out what you are comfortable with on the picture side. Also, those cute/stupid/insane stories of what the kids have done lately (or what you did as a child). Send the post link to Karnival.Kidz –at- gmail.com before Midnight Sunday. If you don't have your own blog and would still like to participate, send the picture or story to Karnival.Kidz –at- gmail.com before Midnight Sunday.

side note: Thank you Bou, Sally and Harvey. And a BIG THANK you to Alex for making our banner.

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