April 17, 2005

Ribbon Cake

This is about my mom, Mamaw to the boys. Just a little background, my mom is an excellent cook and baker. Most everyone loved to come to my house to eat (friends and family). You never knew if you were going to get something ‘International’ or ‘Southern’. From Eggrolls to fried Chicken Gizzards. And the desserts? Wow.

Once, Mamaw decided to bake me a cake when I was a teenager. And being an inventive woman when the cake split – instead of throwing it away or trying to put icing on pieces, she tied a ribbon around it. REALLY! I didn’t think most of my friends would believe it… so here is a picture for proof. This brings back sooo many good memories.

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Now the question is… will I be as inventive and fun as a mom when my kids hit their teenage years? I certainly hope so since I have a good background to pull from to make it work.

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