April 16, 2005

Just One Bite

It always bothers me when Tater says something and I have no clue what he is talking about. Being the always analytic Mother that I am, I ask “Just one bite of what?” He responds with “Strawberry”. Hmmmm. About 10 minutes ago I showed him the strawberries on his plant. In fact, I was going to go get the camera and take a picture of those 3 strawberries that were just about ready for picking. Betcha know where this is going don’t ya? There is a twist…

He took ‘just one bite’ while the strawberry was still on the plant. Sigh. Now I have to pick half eaten strawberries. Wash them. And let him finish eating them. At least he is enjoying his strawberry plant. And he has found a way to keep his brother from getting any of them. Need to plant two next year!

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