April 10, 2005

I Love ImageShack

Ok, not really. But I do have an appreciation for their customer service. Some background: I bought ‘credits’ from them to be able to upload zip’d files. Yesterday I tried to upload a zip’d file with 13 pictures in it. It looked like it worked and my credits disappeared… but no pictures. Huh? I have done this before, and it is not hard. I went and read the FAQ and Common Questions. Nope, no answer. I then sent a note to Customer Service with a ton of information. What I expected was my 13 credits back and hopefully my pictures. What I got was this:
We will be adding 100 credits for you inconvenience.


Now that is customer service. They couldn’t get me my pictures, they apologized and they ‘reimbursed’ me above and beyond what was necessary. Gotta love it.

Side Note: Stole the blockquote from Ogre. Thanks Ogre!

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