April 09, 2005

Severe Sinusitis, a Little Laryngitis and 2 Healthy Children

And the question was – What was the worse part of the Disney/Sea World trip? We got sick on Wednesday. My Husband has severe sinusitis and may even have to have surgery. I have laryngitis and very little sleep. The kids are feeling GREAT. By the end of the day yesterday, I was surprised I did not walked out of the house and leave everyone. Ahhh, I forgot, Mom’s aren’t allowed to get sick. So I must not have anything.

The trip to Disney/Sea World was fun for the kids. I have some pictures I am going to try and get posted tomorrow. I will be working on the write-ups today. Being healthy normal kids we had some interesting experiences.

Here is one of the stories that I thought was funny. Our room has 2 beds. We got bed rails and a crib. Usually Hubby sleeps with Tater. The bedrails are on the side that Daddy is not and at the end of the bed. Both of them move a lot in their sleep but don’t seem to bother one another with all the wiggling. Also, I’m the designated person to get Tot if he wakes up. Daddy is SICK. Which means he gets the bed to himself and I have both children. Neither of which want to go to sleep. I give up. I hold Tot in my arms while sitting beside Tater. I turned out all the lights and figured we would just sit quietly. Yaaa. You would think I would know better by now. All of the sudden Tot covers his eyes, uncovers them and makes some sort of noise. Huh? Then I realized, he was playing Peek-a-boo. It was soooo cute. I played too. As did Tater. During this, Tot actually said Peek-a-boo very clearly!!! Did I mention I saw the clock during this and saw it was 8:30pm!!!! Yikes. Tot is usually asleep by 8:15pm at the latest. Tater around 8:30pm. As much as I wanted to keep playing I realized this was a ‘delay tactic’ and it had to be stopped. I just wish I had a tape recorder so you could hear Tater and Tot saying Peek-a-boo to each other.

We have whale stories, stingray, Winnie the Pooh and so much more. There is nothing like taking a couple of young kids to Sea/Disney World.

BTW, an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Sally for taking care of my blog while I was gone. And to everyone that was kind enough to leave comments… I’ll be commenting later today. Just wanted to let everyone know we are back and the kids are doing fine.

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