April 04, 2005

I've Arrived!

Hello! It's Sally.

Sorry I'm late. I was detained at the airport for being in illegal possession of a haggis. [Glares at Contagion]

Since VW has her hands full, literally, I figured I'd take off for a few days, to explore this great country of yours. She doesn't need to be taking care of a guest right now, plus my accent is spooking the boys!

I've my great grandfather's people who settled in Chicago from Dublin, and two cousins from County Cork who both married dentists in Long Island, but after the duty calls, I'm free!

What are the most beautiful, or exciting places in the United States, in your opinion? I know you're a pretty well-traveled bunch of people, and I'm sure you've had wonderful experiences, from Sea to Shining Sea!

Please be kind enough to drop your suggestions in the comments. Perhaps you'd like to share your memories, or even photographs, at your own blog? If so, please leave a trackback.

Thank You.

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