April 03, 2005

Vacation Time!

I am not sure if anyone noticed the new name on my side bar under ‘Contributors’ or not. There is a new name there, Really! Sally from Whimsy Capricious has gladly offered her services to post for me while I’m on Vacation. Bou usually helps out but has her hands full with 2 sick boys.

Be very nice to Sally while I’m gone Wed thru Fri at SeaWorld and DisneyWorld. We are going to be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary! Of course, this time we will be celebrating with all our little monsters children in tow.

Just a quick update... Tator just tossed his breakfast and apple snack at 10am this morning. I may need Sally to post for an extra day or two while I deal with the "Momma Hold Me" stuff. Nothing like getting semi-digested apple all over your shoulder. Gotta love Motherhood. Or the postings you will be getting Mon/Tues may be a little 'light'. Hopefully this is just that 48 hour stomach bug going around.

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