April 03, 2005

I Was Held Hostage Until I Answered These!

This is in response to the Meme sent to me via the Miasmatic Review (or on my blogroll - Contagion).

1) Since you have two boys close in age, have you ever tied them together by the left hand, given them small clubs and let them fight over something such as your love and/or a cupcake? (If so will your champion be willing to take on Clone? He needs the practice so he can go for the TDMFA, Toddler Death Match Fighting Association, championship)

Left hand???? Oh man, I thought it was the right hand. And they have to fight over something? Geeze… Just putting them together was enough. Hmmmmm. Clubs? I had not considered that. So far it has just been small garden utensils.

As to taking on your Clone... Bring.it.on! Either of my boys will gladly beat up on someone else. Just be aware that they have a tendency to help each other when it is against someone else. That includes getting the rest of the family involved (see Picture). You just never know about these Northern folk... also getting into the pile to help wrestle:
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2) Your handle is VW, what is your infatuation with a German brand of vehicles, does it stem from an incident when you where 16 and on a date? If so details please.

This is Tator… Mom is off looking for a picture, so I thought I would tell the reason why her ‘handle’ is VW. It is because the first car she bought was this little brown pile of shite (or that is what she calls it). It was a VW Bug that J, friend of the family, had painted shite brown. Really. (That is the picture she is looking for right now).

This is Tot… is not! The reason she has the ‘handle’ of VW is because those are her initials. BLHHHHHHHH.

Is Not, Is To, IS NOT, IS TO… RUNNNNN, Mom’s coming back.

Note: Mom could not find the picture of the Brown Bug. In fact, Mom will be tearing into some different closets and boxes because she is missing a whole box of pictures.

3) We all know that dogs don’t speak, so thus you must be taking some kind of hallucinogenic drugs. (Plus you volunteered for this) What kind of drugs are you taking and are you now or have you ever been a hippy? (Answering yes to being a hippy may also explain question number two)

Hmmm. Is Chamomile tea considered a hallucinogenic drug? No? Then it just must be the fact that I haven’t gotten more than 3 hours sleep a night in 2 ½ years. Didn’t know lack of sleep can cause hallucinations? Then you didn’t read THIS ARTICLE from The Harvard Gazette.

Hippy? Moi? I have been called ‘Out of Fashion’, ‘CowGirl’, ‘Redneck’, ‘Quack .ss’ and a few other names… but I don’t ever remember being called a Hippy.

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4) You routinely make a post every Wednesday called “Humor for the dreaded Wednesday.” What is so dreaded about Wednesday that you feel the need to ridicule it? Is it because most people don’t pronounce the N? Maybe you just feel that it’s a wasted day and we should only have a 6 day week.

No one told you about Dreaded Wednesdays??? You should be afraid, very afraid. If you go to THIS LINK and then highlight the black below the cartoon, you will find why Wednesdays can be so very very dreadful.

Ohhhhh, you don’t believe that one huh? How about this story – it is ‘dreaded Wednesdays’ because my Husband goes out with guys on Wednesday nights and plays computer games until past the children’s bedtime. Leaving me with two children that I have dealt with all day and then have to deal with all night. As they get older it gets easier, but even to this day… it is still – Dreaded Wednesday.

Nooooooooo, you don’t believe that one either?… Geeze you are hard to convince. Alright, here is the scoop. The real meaning of dread is: To hold in Awe or Reverence. And the real meaning of Wednesday is: it was named after Woden, like Mercury, who was quick and eloquent. So… in reality, I am in Awe of Woden.

5) We know that your blogs main purpose is to keep your family updated with the activities of Tater and Tot. Have you ever thought of starting a blog to showcase your true love, photo journalism? We all know the truth; look at all the pictures you post. Please, no one takes pictures of plants for any other reason!

Just be happy I can’t get my videos on-line! I take horrible pictures and yet I will continue to annoy, bedevil, harass, madden, exasperate, pester, plague, vex, ruffle, noodge you with all my wonderful, awe-inspiring, brilliant, remarkable, phenomenal, surperb, praiseworthy, copasetic, surprising, and sometimes strange pictures. And why start a separate blog for this? It is much easier to use the children as an excuse to put these photos out.

(side note: I found a new on-line Thesaurus, bet you couldn’t tell!)

PS. Go check out Alex's answers to his Meme Questions from Contagion.

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