April 01, 2005

It Could Have Been My Wedding Anniversary

Today is April 1st (or better known as April Fool's day). I had reserved the church for this day. It was going to be my Wedding Day. Until my Husband heard the actual date. The first Saturday in April was ok but it seems he didn't want to be married on April 1st. So I rearranged the date until April 8th. It is now a date I won't forget easily. (Unlike my sons' birthdates - I'm always screwing them up... I recently gave Tot's birth year as 2002 - Bahwahaha NOT LIKELY - as it would have meant that my two children would have been born exactly 2 months apart!)

Enjoy today, play a couple of practical jokes and remember in one week, I will have been married 5 years. Yipeeeee!

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