March 16, 2005

102 and Puke on You

It happened. My #1 Son decided to run a fever and puke last night. Thankfully it was Dad helping him. I on the other hand was busy with #2 Son. After giving #1 Son some Motrin and food this morning he is now feeling great and wants to go out and play. #2 Son ate 2 bowls of oatmeal, played and went back to sleep for an hour. Now #2 Son is ready to to outside as well. How do they bounce back like that?

Oh yaa… this means my posting might be little light about the kids for the next couple of days. Depends on how ‘clingy’ they get. Hard to type with a child attached to each leg and trying to crawl up to your arms. I find it easier just to sit down and let them snuggle with me. I enjoy it more and so do they. Mañana.

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