February 07, 2005

Sugar Cookies, Superbowl, Spitting, Sickness

These items kept me from posting this weekend. The one I really wanted to post about was the spitting. Did anyone else have a son that went through a spitting stage? If so, how long does it last???? My #1 Son came home Thursday from school and kept making these horrible sneezing / hacking sounds and then drool came out of his mouth. It took me a little while to realize, he was trying to spit. He was doing it on purpose. It was GROSS. Either I want him to spit right or not at all. I have no clue how to teach a kid to spit ‘cleanly’. Consequently, it is no spitting at all. I am open for suggestions on how to handle this situation.

The other items will be posted about later, except Superbowl. All I have to say is what a sad day... so close and yet so far for the Eagles.

UPDATE at 10:40am Found a good site for seeing those commercials, particularly for those of us who missed most of the game. SuperBowl Ads

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