January 23, 2005

Busy Weekend

I reinstalled XP on my laptop after formatting the drive. Now I am working on getting all the software re-installed. All this while taking care of kids, being sick and trying to keep up the house. Ugh. There is a reason why Mom’s are not allowed to be sick.

What does this mean? It means I haven’t been writing about my darling monsters children. I thought I would do something really cool like a couple of the blogs using blog names to make a story. Then I remember why I made C’s in English. GRIN. Can you picture my story? Something like:

Argghhh! Electric Venom came out of the snake. Luckily it did not hit Pamibe who was Fighting Inertia to get up and move, while trying to stay Fresh As A Daisy. All the while a Physics Geek was talking to Little Joe about Orge’s View on Jennifer’s World.

Snicker snicker. See what I mean? Instead I have been surfing the blogs when I get a moment. I want to share the odd things I read. Not the really nice articles, or important stuff, just the odds and ends that made my day a little stranger nicer.

Like at Bad Example there is a post about “Way Too Much Time On His Hands”. (You have to click on the ‘six line ascii art challenge’ to see the artwork).

Over at Frizzen Sparks there is a question about What 10 people Have Done The Most To Mess Up This Country In Your Lifetime? (Lots of cursing there, so be prepared!)

I usually visit Boudicca’s Voice to read about her kids, but I couldn’t resist this post on Ouch?.

Road Warrior Survival has a Saturday Question of the Day that always sparks my interest.

Lee Ann’s View has a lot in common with my views, particularly this funny article on Stupid Drivers in Florida.

I mosie over to Madfish Willie’s Cyber Saloon and read humor to relax.

Could not resist the Nerd Test at Mellow-Drama.

And to help me increase my Trivia input, I love going to Quality Weenie and reading the Did You Know?.

Ok, I’m a nerd. So I have to visit Technicalities and read about a Database Theft.

Enough for now. I’ll treat you to some more in the future. Scary huh?

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