January 18, 2005

100, 101, 102… Going Once

Going Twice, Sold! To my #2 Son as his running temperature the last 2 days. Seems I will not be blogging much because I have a 1 year old child attached to my hip and a 2 year old child pulling my pants leg to pay attention to him.

I must say breakfast yesterday with Bou lightened my day. Particularly her oldest son. He doesn’t seem to like ‘germs’. With two younger brothers I don’t see how this can occur, but it has. Initially he wants to sit by my #1 Son until ‘something’ happens. Last time it was the creamer… this time it was sneezing. Oh, #1 Son doesn’t have to sneeze, he was ‘pretending’. But in the process of this pretend sneeze, food would come out of his mouth. It was pretty gross. But I had to hide my laughter when I saw Bou’s oldest go hide behind her after it happened. The look on his face was absolutely hilarious.

Seems I am lacking in the sense of humor department today (that lack of sleep, whining children issue) so what can I find humorous today?

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