January 11, 2005

Not ToDay

Last night I came home to dinner and these roses (click to enlarge picture).

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Wow. Just because. Gotta love my Husband.

So what is going on with today? Yesterday #2 Son got his shots in the afternoon and today he is fussy fussy fussy. No problem, I’ll just start doing all the phone calls and stuff.

This morning I had problems reaching the A.C.E., when I did reach them I found out their new hours are M/W/F only. Sigh.

Had to take my #1 Son to school for the first time in 3 weeks. Dropped him off and he had tears in his eyes when I kissed him and said goodbye. Sniff sniff. I hate that part. #2 Son was still crying and fussing the whole time.

Went to have my teeth cleaned. They asked us to leave (and reschedule) because #2 Son was yelling and crying. It was bothering other patients.

So, off to the drive up at the bank to deposit our checks for the hurricane damage we had. They won’t deposit them. #2 Son is now fussing and yelling. Into the bank to find out what is going on and why. I already had to send them to the Insurance company and get them endorsed… now what? I had to get someone else to endorse them as well. I had NO clue. Oh well. I’ll figure it out and fix this problem as well.

And so the day continues. The good news is I get to see those Roses every time I walk in the door. Certainly helps. Grin.

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