January 02, 2005

Fire Wood For Sale

I finally got some pictures. The first two are of the same tree. This is shortly after Hurricane Ivan hit my parent’s house. I only found pictures of this one tree. There were two trees in my parent’s yard and a neighbor’s tree that went down. The second tree in my parent’s yard went to the front yard, this one in the pictures went down in the backyard.

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And this is my Bro-in-law near the root ball. He is over 6 feet tall.

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Now what happened was that the guys cutting down the trees were suppose to take the cut pieces to the road in front of the house or in back (thru the wooded area to the road in the back). Instead, they dropped it right behind my folk’s fence and did NOT take it all the way to the road in the back. A lot was happening with my dad then and no one noticed. Such is life. Hence – Fire wood for sale!!!

Ok, I’m exhausted. More blogging later. Happy New Year!

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