November 29, 2004

Where Am I? Writing The Christmas Letter

I am trying something again this year. A.Christmas.Letter. I tried in the past to write a Christmas letter and it never worked right. But this year… try try again. Last year I didn’t get cards nor presents out. I’m hoping that since I have all but 10 cards addressed and the start of a Christmas letter… that I will succeed in getting them out this year.

It is taking time away from my blogging to write this letter. I also have discovered that even though I don’t think life is that bad, it is hard to find major things in my life that sound positive to start with for this year. When I wrote the outline… it went something like this:

New Child
Speech Therapy
2 Hurricanes
Dad Died

I’m trying to put a positive twist on most of these items. Funny stories to go with them and the like. It is just that writing it made me stop and realize - I am an optimist. I never realized it. But even with all these things that have happened, I’m happy. I love my kids and husband. I got to see my parents and sisters a bunch this year. My in-laws have been wonderful to me. Now and again I would like to leave and go to some isolated island with chocolate, good books, good food and the ability to sleep for days. GRIN. Overall, when I look at it, life is a positive experience.

So until I get this ‘Christmas Letter’ finished, my blogging entries may be only one or two a day. I’m here. I’ll be blogging and surfing, but just not as much.

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