November 23, 2004

Different thoughts

I was going through the blogsphere and saw many interesting entries. I’m not quite back up to speed (something about 2 hours sleep, 11 hour car drive, 18 hours awake, all in one day...) and thought I would link you over to these entries instead of writing any more of my own today. Starting with the sad and ending with the happy.

I have a nephew in the Marines and right now he is in Fallujah. He just made the effort yesterday morning to call my Mom (his grandmother) to give her sympathy about the lost of Dad. Then I read this entry from Random Fate. It made me cry.

Ok… I have 2 children and I KNOW who the father is – without a shadow of a doubt. But this threw me for a loop. I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. It’s this entry about which twin fathered the child over at Not Exactly Rocket Science.

Being I have in-laws, friends and relatives farther north than south Florida… I just loved this entry about our weather from Lee Ann’s View.

And when I need a chuckle I can always find one at Madfish Willie’s Cyber Saloon.

Ok, there is a lot more good info out there… I’m just running out of time if I want to post and do the other 100 things that need to be done today… starting with sending Hubby note on what to buy at Grocery store and ending with doing laundry. Ugh.

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