November 19, 2004


VW and her crew made it up to Pensacola without event. Her newest theory is that the quality of sleep you receive with 2 small children is directly proportionate to the size and quality of the hotel room in which you are staying. I guess that her husband could stand in the bathroom and touch all four walls without moving and the room itself was not much better. Sleep deprivation... all around.

The wake was last night and the funeral is happening as I write this. She said the wake was lovely and when I asked if she saw a lot of people she replied, "I forgot how many people Daddy knew! People were everywhere!" It warmed her heart to know people cared about her father enough to come to his wake.

This is why I continue to tell people, you must attend wakes and funerals. It is part of the healing process for everyone. It is forever burned into the memories of the family, how many people thought enough to come by and express their condolences. When my mother in law passed unexpectedly, I was more overwhelmed with the expression of sympathy from those around me... than I can probably ever convey.

And that is what is happening for VW and her family right now. Their friends are gathering around, they are remembering what a wonderful man her father was, and they are comforting one another.

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