November 14, 2004


My life since I have had children is complete Chaos. I use to have a clean house and was working on one bedroom at a time to make it into something. The guest room had a start at being tropical (fish, sea scenes, ect). Then children came into my life and I am happy if I get anything more than dishes and laundry done.

I saw an entry over at Angela’s Fresh as a Daisy and made some smartarse comment. She very nicely sent me a link to a website called (Sigh - I'm a smartarse and she is nice in return - what is this world coming to? Thanks Angela for being so nice!).

I am hoping it will be the kick in the rear-end that gets me going again. And I noticed today she is working on her kids toys. I give her the best of luck. I dread trying to get my kids toys organized. I was happy when I got a 3 drawer plastic unit to put all the toy cars in. (Like they stay – NOT).

Ahhh. Christmas is coming and more toys to add to the Chaos. Life is going to be very interesting as my house busts from all the stacks of paper and toys. GRIN.

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