November 12, 2004

Slapdash thoughts

Needed to go to Walmart today to pick up some of those Feel & Learn diapers. They are the only place that seems to carry them around here. It surprised me that they really appear to work for my #1 Son. Since he has been wearing them, during the day he usually asks at least once to go to the bathroom. Night time is a whole different story about how to delay going to sleep. Back to the story, off I go to Walmart with both boys in tow. #2 Son proceeds to fall asleep. Sigh. Therefore when I get there, I put #1 Son in a basket and sleeping #2 Son in an umbrella stroller. This does not work well. I had random strangers asking if they could help me. I bit the bullet (due to my arm hurting) and picked up the stroller and proceeded to see if it will fit into the cart. Yipeee… It worked AND #2 Son stayed asleep. I got some of the strangest looks while in Walmart but I was able to get those diapers.

Today I asked my #1 Son if he wanted to have a bologna sandwich. He is starting to repeat words, and not necessarily what you just said. He asks for things and tries to talk to you. So after asking if he wanted the sandwich, he looked at me and said “Blow me”. I stopped dead in my tracks. I tried again. I asked him “What do you want?” He replied with “Blow me sanmich”. Phew. He was trying to say he did want a bologna sandwich. But it is amazing in those few seconds what goes through your mind. I’m thinking – what did he watch on tv? Did he hear it somewhere while we were out? Naturally, I’m happy he is trying to speak. I’ll just have to be more aware of those words that may sound like something else. GRIN.

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