November 05, 2004

Made it Safely

VW just called to let me know she arrived safely with her family. She said it was interesting when they arrived at the hotel last night. Son#1 was clomping all over the floor and one single little person sounded like an entire herd of elephants.

Kids have this thing about hotel rooms. They can be fast asleep, beat from the day, they arrive at a hotel and BLING! They're Awake! There is so much to see... to us it is a place to sleep, to them it is beds they can climb on, a remote they can reach, different TV programming, different smells, different sounds... Argh!

She says her Dad looks well... but that's as far as we got before Son#1 started to cry for her. I am sure it's the whole 'this isn't my bed, this isn't my house, this isn't my room' adjustment.

I'll keep you posted.

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