November 04, 2004

Ha! Who did you expect...

VW? NO! 'Tis I, Boudicca, sitting in for my buddy VW. Muwahahahahaha!

VW is on her way to her folk's home in Pensacola to see her Dad and lend a hand for her Mom. We all know the situation, so many prayers to VW and her family.

On a lighter note... she is currently in her mini-van with her two young boys. This time they left their horse dog at home. Please, allow me to tell you that traveling with two babies for 9 hours is hellish. Hellish I tell you! I don't know how she continually does that trip with horse dog. Let me just say, she is a better woman than I. *grin*

I think right about now, she's in Stuart, feeding the kids in the car, looking at her watch thinking, "Dear God, I have 4 more hours until we stop!"

I'll keep you posted as I hear from her.

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