November 01, 2004


Do you remember a Sit & Spin? Well my in-laws bought my #1 Son a Sit & Spin last year for Christmas.

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Notice the top? You press it and the most horrendous music comes out of it. Loud and horrible is the best way to describe it. And my sons love it. Particularly making music with it. #2 Son decided to show his acrobatic abilities by standing on it. You heard me right, standing on it. Not holding on. I was expecting a broken neck, big bruise on the head, something major to happen. I couldn’t even get the camera going because I was in shock. He did just fine. Leaned forward, played that terrible music and sat down.

Not to be out done. #1 Son decided to do a special balancing act as well. He decided to stand up, hands free on this toy. I have since moved it away from the couch.

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I am totally amazed I didn’t end up in the emergency room over either one of these balancing acts. Gotta love those kids.

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