October 28, 2004

Pajama time

This Pajama time has gotten to be humorous to me. Trying to come up with what I wear while blogging. Most everyone claims to be wearing pajamas (which is where the name came from). Not me. So I have been randomly looking at different outfits and posting them, with one exception.

Then I realized some of Blog Grandpappy's family live up north. Hence, the decision to let them know how nice it is in Florida. 80 degrees but feels like 83 is what weather.com has to say for 10/28/2004.

I went looking to find just the right outfit. For only $98 I can get this little bathingsuit to wear while blogging and in October still walk outside and get a tan too. GRIN.

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If someone is truly interested in buying it, you can find it at http://www.exquisiteswimwear.com

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