October 24, 2004

For Blog Grandpappy Harvey

There seems to be a lot of blog entries on s.x lately. Like Anita from Fighting Inertia talking about the latest poll or Grandpappy Harvey at Bad Example was boasting about his hits on Google for s.x type entries (I tried to find the post 3 times but it froze my machine every time – so I gave up). Then I saw a comment at Frizzen Sparks from Grandpappy Harvey under "Why the Alias" and took a piece out of it:

. . . when I first started blogging, my topics were fairly bland & innocent. I'm not really sure WHEN my name became synonymous with s.xual innuendo... it just sorta evolved. …

So with all that in mind… I saw this picture and just had to post it for my Blog Grandpappy Harvey.

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