October 22, 2004


Both of my boys love cheerios. I am very thankful for that. It’s a quick, easy snack that can be taken anywhere. Now #2 Son has started to feed cheerios to me. It seems like an innocent, sweet thing for a child to do. But I still remember this from #1 Son. Those wet cheerios are not necessarily wet from water or milk. You must watch your child VERY carefully. Why? Because those wet cheerios are likely to have been licked or even partially chewed. Turn your back for a second and you’ll never know how that cheerio got wet. So do you eat it or not? Me? No way. I did enough of that with #1 Son. I have learned how to nicely say no… like picking up a new cheerio and eating it instead. But today I was distracted by #1 Son and turned around to have #2 Son wanting to give me a cheerio. So cute. Wanting to share… so I ate it. Ehwwwwww. It was soggy. I just have got to remember not to do that.
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