October 19, 2004

Repeat this phrase 20,000 times in one day – Help Mommy

Ok Ok, I know you are thinking, “why would Mommy need help?” Wrong question. This is my #1 Son saying one of his first 2 word phrases. When he needs help, he says “ep mommy” with an occasional “help mommy”. I’m hoping the H and L will come out more often than it does right now.

I was forewarned that once we started Speech Therapy and he started talking I would want him to shut up. What they didn’t tell me was why I would want him to shut up. His two most often used phrases are

1. Help Mommy
2. Come Mommy


Yes, I am proud of him for increasing his vocabulary. Yes, I am proud he is starting to use 2 word phrases. But geeze, give a Mom a break. If he wants something he can’t reach it is “Come Mommy” and everything else is “Help Mommy”. I love him but I have got to get some more words in his vocabulary…

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