October 17, 2004

First Shoes

I forgot how much fun it was to watch a baby try to walk with shoes on for the first time. If you ever get the opportunity to see this first hand, please take it. For those without children but with dogs, it is as funny as watching a dog walking with shoes on for the first time. Yes, I have mutt-luks (dog shoes) for my dog since he had a hurt foot and had to have the bottom of his feet protected.

Today was the day that #2 Son got his first shoes. He did the spider crawl (this is with the buns up in the air – no knees on the ground). He tried tugging on the shoes and shoe laces. He basically refused to walk for the first 15 minutes. Hard to decide to buy those $45 shoes if he won’t walk in them. Finally got him to walk about 2 feet in them, double checked the sizing and put out the money.

Got home, had dinner and went for a walk. It’s a family thing I love to do - #1 Son walking, #1 Dog Son walking, #2 Son in the stroller and Mom & Dad trying to keep it all together. {snicker snicker – never happens}. Tonight was the night! At the end of the walk, #2 Son got out of the stroller and got to walk around. I had the camcorder, I was so excited. Every time I turned it on, one of two things happened. 1 – He sat down or 2 - he turned around and walked away from me. I have some great bun shots of him walking away in his new shoes. Ahhhh. This is the life.

Of course I realized this means that I now have 2 very mobile children who will always go in opposite directions. Life is going to be much more entertaining for the next couple of months. I am just hoping that I don’t get to know the people in the Emergency room by a first name basis. ;-) ;-) I know my Mom and I knew them by first name basis for many years, so we will see if “Like Mother Like Son”.

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