October 16, 2004

Papa is in the Hospital

My sister brought him some chapstick. My cousin was there when he was putting it on and told him she loved the shade of pink lipstick he was using. My sister said she never saw dad wipe his face so fast in his life. They all laughed so hard. And my sister had to put some on her arm to show him it really had no color to it when it was put on. They still have a sense of humor up there.

Basically the cancer has moved to his neck and spine. They are waiting to get more information from the Doctors on Monday morning. When I hear, I will let everyone know what is going on.

While I will try to post about the kids and the zany things that my family does, it might be a little sparse over the next couple of days. Ohhh and Happy National Boss Day… bah hahahahaha. Sorry, I just had to laugh that they had to make a day for the Boss and put it on a Saturday. What's next? Employee's day? On Sunday?

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