October 14, 2004

Delay Tactics

#1 Son has learned delay tactics. Amazing in my eyes that a 2 year old can figure all that out in his developing brain. What is this delay tactic? It’s saying to Dad he has to go ‘P’ at night when he is in bed. Or to Mom when she is trying to get him down for his nap during the day. But it works. Why? We are trying to potty train him. Hence, if he says he has to go, off to the bathroom one of us will take him. So far, he has actually gone when he says he needs to go.

Now getting him off the toilet is a whole different story. He does not want to get down once he is through. And sometimes he actually does go again. But it seems to be hit or miss on whether he really needs to go a second time or not. Delay tactics again. Though it is getting to be the general consensus that once is enough and off the toilet.

I’m up for any hints on how to work this issue. For now, we’ll just continue as is until the next surprise comes our way. Kids learn early how to get what they want… But I can’t see how either of us taught him that one… he had to figure it out for himself. Just incredible.

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