October 06, 2004

Speech Therapy Session or should I say P.U.?

#1 Son has a therapist come over to the house once a week. Actually I should say I have a speech therapist. Grin. She works with #1 Son while explaining to me how to do this when she is gone. So far so good. After about 30 minutes yesterday he actually said “More Please” for another toy. Well, he actually said “Moe Pweese”. But I’ll take it. He even said a two word phrase without prompting! He had a boat in each hand and said “two boats”. Or something close.

But the clincher for me was towards the end when she was writing up the home visit note… my #1 Son was playing with some small toys she had brought. He had a bunny in one hand and a sheep in the other. My wonderfully bright son decided to put the bunny nose in the sheep’s butt and say in a loud voice Peeeee Uuuuuuuu. (Thanks Bou for many months ago picking up a dirty sock and putting it to my #1 Son’s nose and saying – you got it – P.U.) I had a hard time not ROTFL.

I can’t wait until next week to see what surprises my #1 Son will come up with next. I do know my Husband has been working hard at trying to get him to say “Mama’s Butt” when he is not around. We’ll see if it will ever work.

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