October 02, 2004

Blue Screen of Death

Well it certainly has been interesting the last couple of days. I just finished formatting and re-installing my laptop. Yep, started from scratch. I have not gotten the blue screen of death any more, but the problem I was working on is still not fixed. Tink and Pan gave me a gift – a Smartphone. This is a cellphone made by microsoft. Now I may be an MSCE, but that doesn’t mean I like microsoft nor their operating systems. And this problem is driving me nuts. It is suppose to allow you to sink up your outlook contacts from the phone to your outlook on the desktop and vice versa. This would require the two devices to talk. Via USB. Sounds simple… Bah Hah Hah Hah. Even Pan can’t find the answer and he works with microsoft stuff all the time. I haven’t done this much work in a microsoft environment in 2 years. Though I am looking at the SDK to see if I can fix the problem by doing some programming myself. Hmmm… Like I would have time… Sigh.

Hence, no stories about the kids right now. They have continued to be cute and grow, but this has the part of my brain I use for writing blogs. Hence, you are stuck reading me fuss about this stupid problem. I’ll be over this shortly and back to telling you the odd things that have happened. Like #1 Son’s playdate and how I think we pay too much money for Stoplights that aren’t used. Right now… ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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