September 28, 2004

Pictures of the day after Hurricane Jeanne

Talk about a teaser! They turned my power on for 45 minutes and then turned it OFF. And proceeded to leave it off for another 3 hours. Which means that by the time I got everything done for the evening… I wasn’t going to write one single word. I went to bed and tried to get some sleep in a house that was 78 degrees. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I have some pictures for you.

This is the fence to the east side of our house. The ficus trees had some limbs down from Frances, but it is worse this time.

Standing at ficus trees and looking North. Notice not only is our huge pine tree down and cut up by the county, but in the background there is a kid in a canoe rowing by.

Here is just a shot down the east side road.

Ok, Husband is standing in the road in front of our house and taking a picture of his legs to give a perspective. Scary isn’t it?

While standing in the same place he looked east and took this picture:

Then he turned west and took this picture.

Standing at the house, this is our front yard.

Ok, I have got laundry to do and vacuuming and dishes. So, I will write about the other stories later. Thought you would enjoy the pictures more!

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