September 23, 2004

Walking and Butts

#2 Son took 5 steps on his own in the yard. Way to go Son! #1 Son didn’t see you and push you down. You’ll walk yet. GRIN. It has been an out of the ordinary trip for the last 2 months. 50% of the time I have been stopping #1 Son from pushing #2 Son down when he tries to walk, the other 50% of the time, I just holler because I can’t get there fast enough. Who knows how many times he kept #2 Son from walking when I didn’t see it. But #2 Son won’t be stopped.

#1 Son spoke 3 words in the Speech Therapy session today. He would say “Mo Pweese” when he wanted another car from the jar! He also said “car”. Mom learned how to work with him on saying more words, but it also requires Mom to do more work. I have to separate his cars and trucks into 3 bags. Why? So he can ask for the bag with cars, the bag with trucks or the bag with both. 3 words – car, truck, both. There is more to this, but I don’t want to think about it.

Now if we can keep Dad in control. So far #1 Son has learned how to say ‘Butt’ from Dad. Dada’s Butt, Mama’s Butt, and so on. I am waiting for us to be out in public and him to scream “Mama’s Butt”. So far I have lucked out.

Ok, off and running for another day. Little slow lately because of stuff going on. But have lots to blog about. Stop lights, insurance, and snotty noses. I’ll get around to them eventually.

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