September 13, 2004

All is Quiet

#1 Son seems to know Mom is not getting enough sleep. I have gotten more hugs in 2 days than I have in weeks. Though it seems both my sons are not feeling good. So maybe the hugs are because he is not feeling good, not because he knows Mom loves attention when she is not feeling good. There is nothing definite, they just seem slow, tired and willing to sit and not move. Definitely not my children! My two kids are not driving me nuts while I’m making phone calls, doing dishes and laundry, picking up toys, writing blogs and making lunches. Something definitely is WRONG. Hope it goes away soon and that I don’t catch it.

Though I must thank Bou for getting me hooked on ‘There goes a xxx’ with Dave. This Mom who didn’t let #1 Son see T.V. unless Dad was home (my how my ideas change with a second son) is now letting #1 Son sit in front of ‘There goes a Tank’ with TankDriver Dave. #2 Son is sitting in front of the dishwasher waiting to see what trouble he can get into when Mom isn’t looking. Ok, off to feed the monsters.

Fixed 9/19
As a side note, seeing that header reminded me of dinner when I was younger. My sisters and I got the giggles one night at the dinner table. Mom got tired of it, raised her voice and told us… “Be Quiet, Q.U.I.T.E, Quiet!” Needless to say we ended up ROTLF. At least we weren’t giggling anymore. Grin.

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