September 09, 2004

Danger Prone Daphne Strikes Again

Amazing how I can cause as much damage as I do. While in NW Florida, we went to visit my sister. Actually Mamaw told us we were going to go visit so my sis could fix us dinner (i.e. get us out of Mamaw’s for a while. GRIN).

Well my sister has a fairly new house. When it was brand new my #1 DogSon threw up on her new carpet. Yaa, someone in my family was first to do damage! Hahaha. Well, during this visit I was the one to cause damage. First I went to the restroom and walked out with the handle to the faucet. I swear it just came off in my hand. Later I moved a chair and a screw came out. Again, I did nothing but pick up the chair to move it. Then I went to feed #2 Son and my sister offered to hold him while I fed him since I forgot the booster chair. So on to the chair with an ottoman in the living room. Bad decision – same carpet as before. Sure enough, I spilled some ORANGE squash on the carpet. Finally, just before we are to leave I go to the restroom and the toilet won’t flush. I merely walk out of the restroom and mention it to my brother-in-law in passing as I go out the door to the car. My Husband, brother-in-law, and sister all crack up laughing.

Oh well, at least we all got a good laugh. I just hope I don’t pass this trait onto my sons!

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