September 06, 2004

How to get PMS and make it worse

I remember reading in Doctors’ offices the girlie magazines about PMS. By ‘girlie’ magazines I am talking about Glamour, Cosmopolitan and others. They all basically said the same things about PMS. To keep it under control or prevent it from happening you need to:

Eat right
Get plenty of sleep
Keep the stress level down

You should do this all the time, but particularly the week before. Well, my week included a child teething (sleep deprivation). With me, if I don’t get sleep I have a tendency to eat LOTS of cookies (eat wrong!). I was trying to get ready for a category 4 hurricane (stress!!!). Exercise… hahahahaha.

So during that time, my poor husband caught hell. Did I mention I am one of those that like organization in my life? For the hurricane I had it worked out what needed to be done on what day when I thought we were staying. This had to be done on Monday, the other things had to be done on Tuesday, more stuff on Wednesday, even more on Thursday and a few more items on Friday. Now Thursday morning my husband informs me we are leaving. Hmmm… I’m stressed, no sleep, and eating poorly. You can guess my reaction to this last minute decision.

Though right now, while typing this a few days later, I am EXTREMELY grateful to him. I have had the opportunity to visit my parents, I was not in my house with 2 small children and dog with no power for 2 ½ days (and no generator), and I was not dealing with our roads being a foot under water.

Yep, my poor family went through a few days of the worse PMS I have ever had. I will not tell you everything I said and who I said it to, but I used a few choice words that I haven’t said in a long time. I am happy that my #1 Son did not pick up any of these words! Timing is everything and I am happy to say, we all survived. That includes surviving the hurricane as well. BIG GRIN.

More later on the 14 hour trip and Danger Prone Daphne strikes again.

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