September 12, 2005

Lost? Hiding?

While Mamaw and I toured the house, the kids went running around. At some point, Tater and I went into the Master Bedroom. Before going I made sure Mamaw and Tot were in the other room together. Suddenly I turn around and there is Mamaw. I ask where is Tot and she says with me. Uhhhhhhhh. No.

The hunt is on. We are yelling for him. Running from room to room. Suddenly I hear laughter. Now if I can just get Tater to shut up long enough to figure out where it is coming from. "Tot!", "hehehehe", "Tot!", "hehehe"... ahhhh, he is the spare bathroom. Sure enough... I look in and he is squatting and 'hiding' and laughing.

I think Mamaw and I gained another head of grey hair right then.

Here is Tot running to Mamaw to be 'saved' after being found.

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Tot needs one of these:

Posted by: Harvey at September 12, 2005 10:16 PM