October 08, 2005

vw bug Speaks!

I really did it. I answered all the questions sent to Basil. It was a blast. Go check out the questions and answers HERE.

Posted by vw bug at October 8, 2005 08:46 AM | TrackBack

And you did a hell of a job on them! In fact the best answer I have seen on one of mine although it was a question that had no logical answer.

Posted by: GUYK at October 8, 2005 07:56 PM

Those were great, both the questions and the answers! I never sign up for stuff like that because I figure nobody has anything they'd want to ask. Plus, if they did, since I'm not so creative and not very funny, I'd have a hard time answering them. Performance anxiety. ;-)

Posted by: Bou at October 8, 2005 10:21 PM

Very nice VW!!!

Posted by: Marie at October 8, 2005 10:51 PM

I'm glad I'm your favorite blog sister! :-) hehe

Posted by: Sissy at October 9, 2005 10:56 PM