October 23, 2005

Calling the Bad Example Family

UPDATE: Sucks, I didn't get this finished early like I wanted. Comes with having Children. Hence, Harvey got a post out. HERE. Still... here is what I wrote this morning:

Want to have some fun? Teresa at Technicalities found that The Commissar is starting a project... Who's Your Blog Daddy (or Momma as the case may be)?

Bloggers, please leave a comment noting your blogfather, or blogmother, as the case may be. Just one please - the one blog that, more than any other, inspired you to start blogging.

I forgot to add the month I started... sigh... Back to leave another comment.

Now it is going to be difficult in that you can only assign ONE daddy (or mommy) but I bet we can overwhelm him with our family. Enjoy and have some fun...

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The Commissar will be real confused with he realizes that Bou has two daddies and no mother and she wasn't adopted. She HAS to note that. It's a historical and medical fact. Bad Example Family in action.

Posted by: Sticks at October 23, 2005 09:45 PM