November 30, 2005

Adventures of Super Pickle Boy

Thought you had read the last of these? Well, you just might have! Super Pickle Boy has turned to the 'dark side'. He is Doctor Goo and he squirts goo on me and when Dad isn't around he also has the power to shrink me. I'm a 'good guy' and have the power to change the weather. Occassionally I have the special hammer that can make anything.

When we are playing, he 'goos' me and then he runs off. I'm suppose to catch him. My favorite is when I do catch him by creating the couch (or whatever he is sitting on) into a jail with my hammer. I'm suddenly a "mean mommy."

I thought my playing this kind of good guy/bad guy with my child was not the best until I read THIS POST by Contagion. Be careful if you are drinking, you may spew it on your monitor.

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What's wrong with playing good guy/bad guy?

Posted by: Contagion at November 30, 2005 09:51 AM