January 10, 2006

Pictures Will Never Be The Same

My boys have entered a new era in our household. They pose for pictures. And not necessarily how Mom would like them to pose. Tater asked me to take his picture. And this is what I got (click to enlarge):

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It gets better. He wanted me to take another... and Tot joined in.

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Now tell me when it ends?

Posted by vw bug at January 10, 2006 06:50 AM | TrackBack

It doesn't end, really. My girls still want me to take their picture doing goofy stuff.

But they do take direction for posed stuff now too. Though it still takes 6-10 shots... ;)

Posted by: Richmond at January 10, 2006 07:49 AM

Boopie, 12, still does stuff like that. He likes to turn his back to the camera, strike a martial pose and look over his shoulder.

Posted by: Contagion at January 10, 2006 08:22 AM

I can see my husband posing like that, and he's in his 40's! Maybe it never ends?

Posted by: Marie at January 10, 2006 07:47 PM

It ends for about 6 years between puberty & college, then starts right back up :-)

Posted by: Harvey at January 11, 2006 10:43 PM